7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Medicare Agent

Choosing a Medicare plan can be challenging with dozens and dozens of plans often available with different pros and cons. Here are seven questions to ask during your first visit with a Medicare agent to see if they are the best choice for your needs:

1. “Do you offer ALL the plans available in my area?”

  • If they are not contracted with all of the insurance carriers, you may be missing out on a plan that better fits your unique needs. It is best to work with someone who can show you all of the options, not just one or two. 
  • At The Medicare Store, we are contracted with most of the carriers in the communities we serve.


2. “Are you local?”

  • There are so many bad actors out there when it comes to providing Medicare advice. You think you have someone you can trust over the phone, but what if meeting in-person is important to you? Using someone local not only allows for that, but also means they are specifically aligned with providers in your community. They know the doctors, the clinics, the hospitals…someone in a call center far from you does not. Use someone local, you won’t regret it!
  • The Medicare Store is local and provides free, unbiased, personal advice with a Licensed Agent!


3. “Do you offer plans for those on Medicare and Medicaid?”

  • A good indicator of an altruistic Medicare agent is if they are willing to assist you with programs that fit your financial situation best. Many people cannot afford their copays and medications. Will the agent help you find the best plan for your financial situation?
  • At The Medicare Store, do what’s best for you. One of our Core Values is “Good People Doing Good Things” meaning we always act with integrity ad do what is right and help our members live healthy and happy lives.


4. “How long have you been in business and is your online footprint positive?”

  • In today’s online world, it is often a benefit to the consumer to do some research on who they are working with. Check an agency’s Google reviews. Are people happy with who they work with? Maybe you can ask for a person specifically mentioned in the review and work with them based on the positive feedback of another person. Longevity in this industry says a lot as many are not in Medicare for the right reasons. Ask how many years they have been in business and check their online reviews. Work with only those in the high 4-star ratings.


5. “What is your customer service guarantee post-enrollment?”

  • Many Medicare agents sign you up and never speak to you again. You are just a number. What do they offer in terms of customer service or plan follow through? Do they have a service team who can take your questions if they cannot? How can someone at their agency be reached if your agent is not available? These are important things to consider as many people are left in the dust after enrollment.
  • At The Medicare Store, we are proud of our Service Excellence Team where anyone who has enrolled in a plan with us can call our Service Excellence Team to ask questions and seek answers to their Medicare questions. It truly is one of the best parts of working with The Medicare Store.


6. “Do you have a place of business?”

  • It is so important for clients to have direct access to their Medicare agent. Yes, it is okay if they want to meet at a coffee shop or at your home, but there is peace of mind knowing you can show up at anytime at their place of business to get your questions answered.
  • At The Medicare Store, our locations in Reno, Las Vegas, Henderson, and Albuquerque, are open Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm.


7. “Do I have options or is this more of a hard sell?”

  • This is probably more of a warning than anything. If you feel pressured in the direction of a plan, it probably should be a red flag to jump ship. Unfortunately, there are some salespeople out there who are not looking out for your best interests, and there is a lot of competition in the Medicare world. Some agents may steer clients toward a plan that could help them earn a trip to the beach, but will leave the client feeling less than relaxed.
  • The Medicare Store will do what is right for you, even if that means not enrolling in a plan with us. We will not push any certain plan on you and will advise what is truly best to meet your healthcare and lifestyle needs.


If you need Medicare advice, call us at 1-888-333-5853 to schedule an appointment with a Licensed Agent!