Updated 2/28/2019

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What you should know about Medicare Supplements

All Medicare supplement plans are given plan letters by the government. Every plan letter provides you with the same coverage regardless of the insurance company you choose. In other words, if you have a plan F from Cigna, the coverage is the same as having a plan F with UnitedHealthcare. So, why is it important to choose the right Medicare supplement company?  The answer is simple, not every company charges the same premium even though the coverage is the same.

It is always important to choose the right insurance, but it is especially important to choose the right Medicare supplement.

When you are turning 65 or taking Medicare Part B for the first time, you can enroll in Medicare supplements without answering any health questions. In the future, however, insurance companies who offer Medicare supplements are allowed to decline an applicant for poor health. That means that in the future, you may not be able to switch to another insurance company if your rate goes up. Because of that, it is wise to consider the history of the insurance company offering Medicare supplements before purchasing. You should consider what the rate increases have been over the past several years, not just what the rate is today.

Those in the Medicare business in Las Vegas have seen insurance companies follow a pattern many times where they enter the market with a very low rate. People on Medicare see these low rate supplements and switch their insurance to take advantage of the savings. Two or three years later, the rates increase dramatically and some seniors are no longer eligible to change insurance companies because of health concerns. They are left with no choice but to pay the higher premiums if they desire to keep their Medicare supplements. This is why we prefer Medicare supplements from well-known insurance companies that have long histories.

We’re not suggesting that insurance companies intentionally trick people. The insurance company bases rates on the claims of its members. If the members have fewer claims, the rates do not increase as much, which brings us to another point: You are wise to consider a supplement from a company with a large number of members. When an insurance company has a large number of members, the quantity of members tends to even out the claims.  In other words: larger pool of claimants = predictable rate increases over time.

We’ll help you find the right Medicare Supplement

At the Medicare Store, we consider these factors when recommending Medicare supplements to our clients. It is our goal to have you as a life-long satisfied client, so we do not steer or try to persuade you. We give you honest, knowledgeable advice and allow you to make a good decision. We represent dozens of Medicare supplements from all major insurance companies, so we know we will be able to find the plan that fits your needs. If you already have a Medicare supplement we can review your supplement and give you honest advice.  Our services do not cost you and we are also available for in-home consultations.

Call us at (702) 514-4111 or Contact Us to schedule with us.

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