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Updated 2/28/2019

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Medicare supplement companies are all offering the same coverage, so choosing the right company is important. For more information on the plans, review our article on Medicare supplement plans.
Once you have an understanding of the plans, you can begin comparing rates and companies.  That is where our services become important. We are knowledgeable about the companies that offer supplements in the Las Vegas area. We will quote their rates, but we also know their history and we will give you the information that will help you make a good decision.
The premium that is charged by Medicare supplement companies is generally based on the amount of the claims they must pay divided by the number of members they have. That is why you will usually come out ahead in the long run if you stay with the big players in the market.  Now let’s talk about some of the key players among the Medicare supplement companies in Las Vegas. As a reminder, we can be your agent with all of these companies. Give us a call at (702) 514-4111 to schedule a free consultation.
Aetna Medicare Supplement
Aetna Medicare Supplement
Aetna’s Medicare Supplement is competitive in price. Aetna is known for its excellence in customer service and longevity. Aetna has a long history (established in 1850) in the health insurance industry and offers Medicare supplements in Las Vegas. Aetna offers competitive rates and can be a great alternative for people who want competitive rates from a well-known and respected company.
Anthem Medicare Supplement
Anthem Medicare Supplement
Of the Medicare supplement companies nationwide, Anthem has the second largest membership. Anthem Blue Cross now offers a new Medicare Supplement plan called the Innovative Plan. The Innovative Plans are similar to traditional plans, but they now include hearing and vision benefits at no additional cost. If you are considering a Medicare Supplement, but also have hearing and vision needs, the Anthem Innovative Medicare Supplement may be right for you!
Cigna Medicare Supplement
Cigna Medicare Supplement
In many cases, Cigna is the price leader in Medicare Supplements in Las Vegas.  This can especially be true for people who have recently turned 65. Cigna offers Plan F, G, and N at competitive prices. Medicare Supplements from Cigna are insured by a division of Cigna known as Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company (CHLIC). Cigna has been in business for some time, but they are relatively new to the Las Vegas area. Their rates have stayed very competitive. It will be interesting to see if their rates increase to match their competitors over time.
Gerber Medicare Supplement
In the early 2010s, Gerber Life Insurance Company was a popular Medicare supplement provider in Las Vegas. Gerber was a low price leader until they had two years of high rate increases. Now we consider them to be completely priced out of the market. They are no longer the affordable option that they were a few years ago.
Humana Medicare Supplement
Humana Medicare Supplement
Humana offers Medicare supplements in Las Vegas as an alternative to its Medicare Advantage PPOs. Humana specializes in Medicare Insurance and they like to stay competitive with their Medicare Supplement. This makes them an above-average value.  One Note: Humana also offers the Plan F high deductible where many other major carriers do not.
Heartland National Medicare Supplement
Heartland National is another of the Medicare supplement companies in Las Vegas offering moderately competitive rates on Medicare supplement plans. Heartland is most competitive with their rates for women. Their supplement can be a good fit for some but is certainly not the best answer for everyone.
Medico Medicare Supplement
Medico Insurance Company is a notable provider of Medicare Supplements in the Las Vegas area. Medico offers relatively competitive rates on the supplement Plan F, but we typically recommend other carriers based on cost and brand recognition.
Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement
Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement
Mutual of Omaha is one of the largest Medicare Supplement companies nationwide based on membership. Mutual of Omaha is almost always competitive when it comes to offering low rates. Mutual of Omaha offers several plan types, but they most purchased supplements are the Plan F and the Plan G. Mutual of Omaha premiums are based on age, tobacco usage. For many people, Mutual of Omaha offers considerable savings over their current Medicare supplement plan. Mutual of Omaha currently has a very good rate on the Plan G that often can save you money. Plan G requires medical underwriting unless your Medicare Part B started within the past 6 months, so not everyone can get it.  However, that also means that the rate increases on Plan G tend to be more stable.
Sentinel Medicare Supplement

Sentinel Security Life offers a Medicare Supplement Plan F in the Las Vegas area. While Sentinel Security does offer supplements, it is more known for life insurance products such as Final Expense insurance and Long-term Care insurance. Sentinel Security Life’s Medicare supplement plans have average premiums. Usually, there are more persuasive premiums with more known carriers making it uncommon for seniors to choose Sentinel Security.


This is not a complete list of companies represented by the Medicare Store. Please contact us and we will look at your situation and make a recommendation based on your specifics.