Dental Insurance for Seniors

We get the same question frequently from our clients; why doesn’t Medicare have dental insurance for seniors? While we cannot answer that question, we can provide you with a solution. We offer a dental insurance plan for seniors that is affordable and has excellent coverage. The plan also includes vision and hearing coverage at no additional cost!

This plan is offered by Medico Insurance Company. It has a number of features that make it a great for seniors – including the ability to use as plan for dental, vision and hearing needs!

Dental Insurance Plan Outline:

Premium: $39 a month (for ages 65-79)

Maximum Benefit: $1,500 per year

Annual Deductible: $100

Covered Immediately: Diagnostic Dental X-rays, Extractions, Fillings

Covered After 3 Months: Preventive Dental X-rays, Cleanings, Examinations

Covered After 6 Months: Eyeglasses or contact lenses

Covered After 12 Months: Hearing Aids, Bridges, Crowns, Full or Partial Dentures, Root Canals, Full Mouth Extractions, Fluoride Treatments and more.

Benefits: Once the $100 Policy Year Deductible is satisfied, your policy pays for covered expenses, not to exceed Reasonable and Customary Charges, up to the Policy Year Maximum:

  • 60% – First Policy Year
  • 70% – Second Policy Year
  • 80% – Third Policy Year and thereafter

Medico Insurance Company

Medico Insurance Company began operations in 1930. They have been providing insurance benefits to seniors for over 80 years. To learn more about Medico, visit their website at